What to do in Cancun… & my experience!

IMG_5832 2

In June I went to Cancún on a family vacation. I took this photo while Parasailing and the water is just amazing, I wish California beaches were this clear!

While we were there we went on tours to Tulum, Xel-há, Xcaret, Chichen Itza, Ik Kil Cenote and Valladolid. Which I’ll have some photos of below. Each tour was amazing, but some need a whole day just for one to really enjoy it, and our trip was five days, I needed an extra day to do nothing at the beach! Overall, the trip was amazing, my family is already planning on making it one of our trips again to do what we didn’t get to do. There are so many tours to do, souvenir shopping, and some more relaxing at the beach!!

The Xel-há tour was all inclusive – food, drinks, and gear – this place was so huge we didn’t even get to do half of what we wanted! We got to float around and snorkel in this huge center pool-like that they have, my favorite part was swimming with the dolphins!

Tulum is such a huge place if you really want to enjoy it you have to dedicate a trip, especially if you love this beautiful, clear ocean. There were stairs that guide you down to the beach on this trip, and I felt it was way to short, I didn’t get to enjoy the ocean or the ruins! This trip was a combined – Tulum and Xel-há.

The Valladolid was beautiful, and everything around was beautiful as well. Here we were only given about 20 minutes to look around, which was nothing considering all the cute souvenir shops that were around.

Playa on the Tulum trip
Ik Kil CenoteIMG_6246 2.jpgIMG_6281.jpg
Xcaret – Float through, and small pools IMG_6032.jpg

Once I came back from my trip I started noticing more news on warnings for travels from the U.S. to Mexico, specifically these tourist locations. All I have to say is I’m glad I saw all this once I was back, and not before my vacation or I would have just been way too paranoid to have fun! Though, I do have to say aside from our hotel suite with joining balconies with another room (we did end up switching to a private floor), nothing during this trip was alarming. It could have been that I was with a big group of family, or just that there simply isn’t anything to be too concerned about as long as you stay sane enough to be aware of your surroundings. With what our world is today you can never be too aware of your surroundings anyways!


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